If every shirt could talk about itself, we would have a lot of story to tell. We will write here just our one. In the 2004 the Dalessandro s.r.l. took the place of the well-known LIBA, shirt company founded in 1932. Our company, preserving 80 years of experience in the production of the true Italian shirts, have been collocated in the high level market segment. This position is also due to investments targeted to the technological progress and other targeted to the protection of artisan skills. We managed every challenge combining customer care and meticulous management of internal processes. Everything accompanied by the collaboration with the best Italian fabric mills, by the fine selection of the accessories and by the passion in creating, day by day, excellent shirts Made in Italy.

Today, we can guarantee all the quality of the Made in Italy both in business to business collaborations, that require a pretty high number of shirts to produce, and for every people, thanks to our factory shop where is possible to find a shirt for every occasion or to be assisted for a made to measures product. This is what we are and what we do; we create everyday finer and finer shirts, we improve the offer of services to our customers and we try to discover the news of the market to understand what our future will be.