The heart of Dalessandro s.r.l. and the ensign of Made in Italy all over the world. Whit our current customers we do a finish garment sale. Even though we made some "cut and made" in the past we acknowledged that, because of our features and to guarantee the best quality of the shirts, was better a finish garment sale. The customer that want to make business with us, could be a department store or a shop, can choose from our fit, can select our collar and cuff models, any finishing details and accessories to create together us the shirt that best represent their idea of Made in Italy. We offer, on customer request, a service of model design and size development, with the relative production of prototypes and samples, so we can satisfy every needs of style and fashion. Whatever the customer decide, or our fits or the model design, he has the possibility to choose the fabrics from the best Italian fabric mills, both from collection and ready books.

The accessories that give the highest level of personalization, are chosen from the customer from the best international mills. Talking about real production, everything begins with the accurate check of the fabric rolls that, if they meet our quality standards, are passed to the cutting department. The cutting department hold the skills and the organization of a traditional shirts company, but it is assisted by technological and specialized machinery. Every single activity of the needlework department is followed and checked, so to guarantee a flawless product, giving the quality that a Made in Italy shirt deserves, and a fast delivery that sometimes is important especially for restocking. Everything ends whit the packaging and the last quality check before the shipment, so to never disappoint what for the customers chose us.